Artech is committed to providing cutting-edge lighting solutions that not only illuminate spaces, but also enhance energy efficiency, sustainability, and overall user experience.

Thanks to Tridonic’s latest generation of control gear & drivers, we’re able to combine Artech’s expertise with fantastic industry leading intelligence.

Drivers in lighting systems are programmed to supply the optimal current and voltage to power an LED light fixture, with DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) acting as a 2-way communications method to provide control in a lighting system.

All of Artech’s products contain D4i drivers, an extension of DALI-2 standard drivers, containing additional features and functions, creating new possibilities with additional benefits for our clients.

Here’s a run-down of how D4i drivers are valuable to our customers and the environment, representing the future of smart lighting.

What is D4i?

Designed for smart, connected lighting systems with the capability to store and report lumDATA (Luminaire lifetime analytics, energy data, and diagnostics), D4i surpasses technical enhancements of the standard DALI-2

Tridonic’s D4i drivers are at the forefront of this innovation, combining the trusted DALI protocol with enhanced features and integrated power supply.

To meet D4i criteria, a driver must have DALI Parts 250, 251, 252 and 253.

Part 250 – Integrated Bus Power Supply, a memory bank of information for the luminaire, providing power to connected DALI devices and simplifying the incorporation of DALI sensors, measuring lumDATA, energy efficiency, and diagnostic data, all of which the end client can see. Other control devices and external drivers could also be directly connected to this power supply.

Part 251 – collects lumDATA and lifetime analytics, informing on how long lights have been on, light distribution, luminaire colour as well as output and voltage. Data can be viewed at any time through a device connected to the control system, or via a DALI USB.

Part 252 – collects energy data, allowing review and transmission of data of each individual light in a system, providing energy efficiency and sustainability of light insight. It helps reduce long term operating costs via monitored consumption and targeted optimisation, for more cost efficient and energy efficient lighting.

Part 253 – provides diagnostic data for each luminaire, enhancing troubleshooting with reporting on failure behaviour, driver conditions and malfunction trigger points. This makes it easier for Artech, Tridonic and the customer to identify faults as well as providing the basis for predictive maintenance.

Artech’s focus remains on delivering smart lighting solutions that not only meet, but exceed the expectations of customers and the partnership between Artech and Tridonic represents a significant leap forward in the smart lighting industry.

We understand the importance of providing the highest quality luminaires with the least environmental impact, which is why we now incorporate Tridonic’s D4i Drivers into every new product we design and manufacture.

With D4i, we’re creating intelligent environments where lighting systems are more than just functional – they are intelligent, responsive and sustainable.