Fluorescent lamps are obsolete.

The government announced the phasing out earlier this year, and not a minute too soon.

T5 and T8 lamps contain mercury, they’re energy inefficient, less reliable than LED tech and last nowhere near as long.

Used across every sector since the 1930s, the lamps represented a great lighting leap forward nearly 100 years ago, but there are millions still in use. Now, these dinosaurs of illumination are on the verge of extinction.

In the UK, T5 lamps can’t be sold from next February (2024), and while T5 and T8 lamps can continue to be used, availability will gradually reduce.

Companies yet to make the switch to LED, should now be planning to do so – not only for the savings in operational cost and carbon reduction, but for ongoing reductions in embodied carbon – switching to LED offers an immediate sustainability and financial win.

Those who don’t change will struggle to locate T5 lamps, which will fade from the market. So, sourcing lamps and components eventually becomes impossible.

Some may be tempted by LED tubes. These require wiring adaptation, have a shorter lifespan and are 20-30% less energy efficient than full LED systems… But why use a sticky plaster when a comprehensive solution is available? One that doesn’t cost the earth.

With spiralling energy costs, the electricity savings alone justify replacing fluorescent lighting with LED technology, which can deliver ROI in less than a year…sometimes six months!

It offers enhanced performance, longer life, simple maintenance, reduced servicing, less carbon…and by utilising Artech’s “Revive” system, you can retrofit your aging lighting system with leading edge LED tech and controls for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

So, in short – now is the time to toss the tubes and “Revive” your organisation’s lighting.