Artech Lighting is already recruiting for a post-lockdown productivity push, as orders roll-in.

The company is seeking the North East of England’s most creative communicators as it puts emphasis on distanced customer relations.

Previously priding itself on its face to face interaction with its clients, the management team quickly realised that a new way of working is required and set aside funds to create around six new posts at its Durham headquarters for an in-house sales team.

Managing Director, Stuart Hylton, said: “The wheels of business did not stop turning when lockdown started, they just turned a little slower. The impact has been dreadful and my heart goes out to those affected as a result of the COVID pandemic, but the onus is now on us and businesses across the UK who have secured new orders to hep re-ignite the economy and create the jobs that have been lost.

“Business practices and processes have to change and the Senior Management team at Artech has spent the last three months working hard to ensure that not only is our workforce safe and health guidance strictly adhered to; we have also adjusted our business plans to focus on the creation of a sales team and working practices that will overcome social distancing issues and enhance our customer service offering.”

The six posts will be created at Artech’s Meadowfield Industrial Estate HQ on the outskirts of Durham City, with the new team working across all aspects of the business.

Stuart added: “There’s no positive spin to be put on the pandemic and to try to do so would be insensitive, however downtime has given many of us a much-needed opportunity to reflect on the way we used to do business, the way we currently operate and what we must do now if we are to ensure we’re fit for the future.

“We can’t currently meet with clients in person and until we can we intend to do it remotely, using all mediums such as  Zoom, Teams etc. We are creating a virtual showroom and video conferencing suite, from which we can conduct meetings and presentations. We have three dedicated conference rooms meeting social distancing requirements to allow factory visits to take place and we will extend our digital reach via social media, creating new content and interacting online with more regularity. We can’t attend events, so we’ll use webinars and video conferencing…this evolution in the way we operate is essential in the post-pandemic world.”

The firm is set to launch its recruitment drive in the coming weeks, with specific focus on good communicators and problem solvers, rather than traditional salespeople.

“Our customers expect excellence and that is what we will continue to deliver with this new team,” added Stuart. “We want people with warmth, people who can think on their feet and be innovative and, importantly, we want people that share our passion for UK manufacturing doing its bit to lead the UK’s economic recovery.”