Artech OneMesh

One supplier of lighting and controls.

A single supplier – simple!

SIMPLE design and procurement

Simplify the co-ordination of both your lighting and controls requirement by purchasing both from one supplier. Artech Lighting.

Artech OneMesh will save you time and money at installation stage by eliminating the need to purchase and install additional Dali control cabling associated with traditional lighting control systems.

Our experts work with you across every phase of the project to design a solution to meet the specific project requirements. This includes all lighting fixtures and associated compatible control devices (PIRs, Microwave detectors , Wall plates etc) This includes comprehensive intuitive Head End Systems.

SIMPLE commissioning

Our commissioning tools offer several ways to significantly reduce the time required for commissioning. This includes predetermined scenes which can be created offsite as well as multiple users can perform commissioning simultaneously.

Buying the lighting and the controls from one source also eliminates the traditional blame game associated with the traditional commissioning process as there is a single point of contact for the complete solution.

SIMPLE control

Open protocol Bluetooth technology is incorporated into the lighting fixtures to create a fully networked lighting solution.

SIMPLE installation

During installation there is no need to lay new cabling as the solution simply requires a 3core Live, Neutral and Earth to every lighting fixture and control device. Smart Switches require NO cabling.

OneMesh smart lighting made simple

Enjoy straightforward commissioning via intelligently-considered configuration options: OneMesh offers practical profiles, logical operation, linked-up lighting groups and bespoke operation tailored to specific building plans.

Planning and commissioning

1 Creating a project plan (optional)

Create a floor plan on your PC or tablet – from single room to open-plan spaces. Modifiable predefined lighting control profiles can be assigned to specific zones. This can be done in advance, reducing time on site.

2 Commissioning luminaires

Once Artech Lighting’s OneMesh luminaires are installed, the mobile app is used for locating the luminaires via the RSSI filter, assigning them to the zones. This can be done by several installers at the same time. Projects can also be set up directly with the mobile app without creating them in the web app first.

3 Reconfiguring and testing

To change settings after installation, use the web and mobile app to change zone parameters, e.g. daylight control, dimming levels or delay periods. New zone assignments are possible. In addition, network quality across the entire installation can be checked.

OneMesh commissioning features

Pre-defined profiles – for fast commissioning and project costs savings

Intuitive user interface – touch screen

Optimized commissioning concept – reduces time on-site

Integrated user administration – for each project

Network quality test – post-commissioning

How OneMesh works


  • Advance Project creation and pre-commissioning via intuitive app
  • Simultaneous commissioning by several engineers
  • Predefined lighting control profiles
  • Easy luminaire identification and zone assignment via app


  • Simple planning and retrofitting of existing installations
  • Suitable for existing infrastructures regardless of existing architectural and structural conditions
  • Simple reconfiguration when space and usage requirements change
  • No gateway required


  • Lighting control via non proprietary open protocol Bluetooth
  • Three-level security protection
  • Fully scalable from simple room to entire building and estate control
  • Independent network interoperability verification
  • One system for projects of any size


  • Modernise existing lighting installations with state of the art control solutions
  • Well designed lighting controls enhance the ROI on many installations
  • Improvements to energy saving and CO2 reductions
  • Flexible adaptation of controls to specific requirements
  • Minimal disruption to existing installations during retrofitting


Bluetooth systems can be programmed to turn off or dim when not in use, reducing energy consumption and costs.


Customise settings for different tasks or times of day, improving productivity and comfort, including the use of “Human Centric Lighting”.


Mobile device control – easily adjust levels or turn lights on or off from anywhere.


Programme lights to operate at certain times, deterring intruders.


Easy integration with the ability to simply and rapidly add new features and extend existing installations.


A simple three-wire (Live, Neutral, Earth) connection ensures easy installation without need for complex wiring or traditional infrastructure, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

In simple terms if there is power to the fixture then the responsibility belongs to Artech.

Designed and commissioned correctly, these solutions help reduce energy bills, improve lighting performance and lifetime whilst enabling you to monitor data delivered from your lighting, including information on energy consumption and the health of individual fixtures.

With Artech’s pre-commissioning service, we cut commissioning times by around 50% while significantly reducing installation and wiring issues generally associated with lighting control site programming.

Take control of your lighting system from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Simplicity is key to Artech OneMesh. A single supplier for lighting and controls, eliminating commissioning issues with all equipment arriving complete, compatible, and easily connected