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Carbon reduction on an industrial scale.

Everyone is learning to operate efficiently to reduce CO2 emissions and address rising energy costs. Lighting accounts for around 15% of the world’s energy consumption, that’s 6% of global carbon emissions…

Artech Lighting is helping to change that.

Efficiency without compromise

Artech Lighting is creating products to help clients achieve a zero-carbon future by:

Designing and manufacturing solutions that deliver a return on investment in as little as 6 months.

Replacing obsolete energy hungry flourescent systems with the latest LED fixtures and control solutions.

Retrofitting first generation LED control gear with the latest technology, delivering additional savings and performance in excess of 50%.

Our Mission Statement

Artech’s latest fixtures are designed with “embodied carbon” in mind. Both the sourcing of raw materials and the amount used are now considered at product design stage. Artech has embarked on a program of measuring embodied carbon in all existing fixtures to allow us to demonstrate “cradle to gate” figures accurately. Artech Lighting’s decarbonisation programme helps businesses reduce CO2 emissions, while saving money.

Leading edge technology

Modern LED technology and lighting control systems are up to 80% more efficient than most old fluorescent fixtures, which are being phased out across the globe.

All Artech solutions offer substantial energy savings on installations that are five years or older – with spiralling global energy costs, many companies will see a return on investment in well under a year.

We facilitate sustainable development by providing lighting solutions that match or exceed stringent low energy, efficiency standards… at a cost that is not prohibitive.

Our entire range harnesses super-efficient, leading-edge LED technology. From design, through development, to manufacture and testing, every solution that leaves our Durham HQ offers industry leading efficiency.

Underground car park in Oxfordshire

Lights currently uncontrolled T8 fluorescents.

Cost to replace fixtures:


Annual energy savings (based on current average price per unit (kw/h) of electricity) are


payback in eight months.

Regional university

Replacement of first-gen LED trays and control gear for the most efficient currently on the market and Bluetooth controls

Cost to replace:


Annual energy savings (based on current average price per unit (kw/h) of electricity) are


payback 11 months.

Repurpose. Reuse. Recycle.

Regenerate don’t Replace

Rising energy costs, and the outlawing of fluorescent lamps, means it’s time to evaluate your lighting.

Artech Lighting’s engineering agility offers a unique opportunity to re-use or upcycle existing fittings, delivering commercial and sustainability benefit through bespoke LED gear tray.

Projects can ‘pay back’ in months, with our “regenerate don’t replace” approach, which also commits to five-year warranties.

This example is an extract of an existing fluorescent chilled beam solution, to be converted to LED. The possibilities for LED gear tray with intelligent wireless controls are endless, whatever the application.

Artech delivers an optimised solution, in terms of decarbonisation, energy, and ensuring we deliver a fantastically lit environment in compliance with standards and legislation… and we don’t charge the brand tax of European-owned UK manufacturers!

ASG Fitting

By developing a latest generation Casambi controlled LED gear tray, and re-using the body and diffuser of the existing fixture, Artech Lighting recently saved one of our clients over 50%, with an ROI of under 12 months.