2023 is Gary’s sixth year at Artech Lighting. A key component in helping the company grow from strength to strength, he reflects on some of his high points…

As a young firm, our mentality, approach, service levels and UK manufacturing status means “Artech Lighting” is now a known brand, earning the right to compete with industry “big-fish”.

No two days or projects are the same. I’ve been lucky enough to work on some outstanding assignments. Just a few we have delivered in recent years:

  • 148 Old Street, London
  • Institute of Regeneration & Repair, Edinburgh
  • University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
  • Porsche, Nationwide
  • University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), Preston
  • University of Sheffield, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • PIF headquarters, Riyadh KSA

My own highlight was earning a managerial role, to oversee estimating. I’ve introduced apprentices, providing them with a mix of in-house and external training. Some are now out of their time and fully qualified lighting designers and established team members.

Artech prides itself on agility and meeting every client’s unique needs. Current economic uncertainty means high energy and service levels are vital. Using quality components such as LEDs and drivers from blue chip suppliers, and regular technical reviews allows us to provide reliable, responsive, high-performing designs at a competitive level.

We recently collaborated with Osram to introduce HubSense, a wireless control system, into our portfolio. Once seen as a specialist package, but with benefits including ease of install, on-site reporting, and energy management, I can only see this becoming more popular.

The Artech brand continues to grow and I see no sign of that changing. With the backing a knowledgeable, reliable, and responsive team, we’re building relationships with contractors, designs and consultants and ensuring our portfolio remains industry-leading, utilising tech to give us an edge on the competition, without effecting our competitive commercials.

The future isn’t just bright, its efficient!