As of February 1st, 2024, T5 fluorescent lamps are banned in the UK.

But what does this mean for buildings that still have fluorescents, and what alternatives are available?

We spoke to our regional sales manager and sustainable lighting expert, Daniel Renforth, on how Artech Lighting is helping businesses adapt to the new regulations without spending a fortune.

Fluorescent lamps will become harder and more expensive to source, and while they can be used until stock is exhausted, many companies are considering making the switch from these energy-hungry, obsolete fittings, to a reliable LED luminaire.

“It’s common industry knowledge that LED lights are a more dependable alternative to fluorescent lamps and Artech has developed the Revive concept to breathe life back into ageing lights in the most environmentally friendly way,” Dan said.

When factoring in future availability, energy-efficiency, and safety, now is the perfect time to make the switch to LED lighting, and with Artech Revive, firms can increase longevity of LEDs, alongside a rapid return on investment due to energy savings.

Offering enhanced performance, longer life, simple maintenance, and less carbon, Artech’s Revive system transforms ageing lighting systems, by retrofitting with leading edge LED tech and controls.

“The Circular Economy is vital if we are to achieve the sustainable development goals set out by various governments. Repurposing building assets allows our clients to meet key sustainability targets and Revive has been developed to assist our customers in achieving these goals in new ways that have not always been accessible to them.”

Revive allows clients to transition from analogue (fluorescent) to digital (led) assets, incorporating life safety system enhancement, energy monitoring, and consumption data being made available, without the need for complex control systems, or the need to modify existing cabling.

Revive offers solutions that include replacement LED in geartrays, as well as complete turnkey installation services, and has seen the completion of successful projects in the Custodial, education and healthcare sectors, as well as Public Realm projects with anti-vandal luminaires.

Given Artech’s advancements with LED efficacy, Artech is currently undertaking high-level discussions with various clients in the retail sector to repurpose first generation LED products.

Case studies

Investment bank, London

Artech recently transformed Mizuho Bank’s London HQ, swapping obsolete fluorescent fixtures for energy efficient LEDs, as well as creating a bespoke “plate” for the client, after discovering the previous fixtures were bigger than the replacements.

To save on a significant amount of builder’s work and redecoration, Artech went above and beyond, developing a bespoke mounting frame to install the revived luminaires with minimal disruption.

Artech supplied Pelusa Square fixtures with a bespoke frame to cover the existing aperture, resulting in an energy saving of 65% and improved lit effect.

Office Building, Gateshead

Artech was selected as the preferred supplier to ‘revive’ an office building at premier North East trading estate, Team Valley, in Gateshead.

Artech supplied Tenus 167 downlights to the development and a bespoke adapter frame, minimising any extra builder’s work, making for easy installation without disruption, creating a beautifully lit space.

North East training provider

Artech supplied a college campus with a complete retrofit, equating to a saving of around 100,000 aluminium drink cans and a 17.5kW saving on lighting electrical consumption, all before performance savings thanks to the new lighting controls.

Artech successfully delivered fixtures to give the training provider a brand new, factory fresh look, with lighting levels tailored to meet the clients needs.

All lighting was provided by Artech Lighting, manufactured 30 minutes from site at the Durham HQ, all delivered with a five-year warranty, as with all luminaires.

Newcastle City Council, Stoddart House

Artech Lighting was selected to ‘revive’ obsolete, fluorescent gear trays, rejuvenating a public space to create a better lit effect in a sustainable way to improve the safety of the area.

The LED solution, designed and manufactured by Artech, provided a 65% energy saving to the project thanks to the regeneration of existing materials and swapping out fluorescents for LEDs.

Dan said: “Investing in LED fittings isn’t just about compliance and regulations, it’s about embracing a more sustainable future, and with Revive, businesses can meet regulatory requirements, as well as transition to a more reliable, cost-saving alternative, all while making your workplace more environmentally friendly.”