The stage is set for a new lighting scheme to illuminate a North East school auditorium.

Artech Lighting’s innovative ‘Revive’ system enabled Yarm School to install new energy-efficient lighting in the Princess Alexandra Auditorium at a fraction of the expected cost.

Previously lit by energy-hungry fluorescent tubes, the auditorium underwent a remarkable transformation thanks to Artech’s eco-friendly approach. Revive breathes life back into aging lights, replacing the lighting and control systems of obsolete fittings with modern LED tech.

By retaining the original body of light fittings, cost is reduced and fixtures can be returned to original positions, negating need for additional installation work required with new products.

Artech Revive is delivering Yarm School a 63% energy consumption saving by switching out 54W T5 fluorescent tubes for 20W LED luminaires.

Daniel Renforth, Regional Sales Manager, said: “The savings on this project are huge, both in terms of cost and the amount of embedded carbon saved. We’re proud to work on this project and the leading-edge technology Artech developed is vital as we work towards a zero-carbon future.

“A huge amount of effort went into meeting and then surpassing expectations to create a fantastically lit space. Optimizing existing lighting infrastructure reduced the environmental impact, and meant the school would not be impacted by the phase out of fluorescent fixtures at the end of the year.”

Artech creating a sustainable LED solution, while re-using as much of the existing lighting system as possible. Having attended the site, the team retrieved existing fluorescent gear trays and developed an LED solution in just seven working days. This was then manufactured, tested and delivered from Artech’s Durham City HQ.

With focus on improving the light quality of the existing luminaire with the lowest possible energy consumption, Artech was able to reduce waste, minimise disruption and match the existing fixing positions, thanks to help from its sister company, Apex Wiring Solutions, seamlessly integrating the new system into the existing wiring infrastructure.

By reusing and upcycling materials, Artech is working towards a zero-carbon future. The decrease in raw materials means less waste, and lower wattage means better energy efficiency, leading to a return on investment.

Managing Director, Stuart Hylton, said: “We’re committed to developing high quality lighting that delivers minimal environmental impact. Our experts are as focused on regenerating and recycling old lighting systems as they are on creating new, eco-friendly solutions.

“The new system at Yarm School has created the perfect lighting system for a fantastic space, something we strive for in all of our projects. .”

A credit to the company’s commitment to creating environments that captivate and inspire, Artech is setting new standards for greener traditional lighting solutions with a ‘regenerate don’t replace’ approach.

Artech Lighting is a North East-based lighting company in County Durham that designs, develops and manufactures lighting solutions.