Artech is helping light up UK universities, as they open their doors to the first cohorts of students following the pandemic lockdown.

The company will supply thousands of fixtures and fittings, having secured a major contract to supply lighting to a project regenerating the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), in Preston.

The work is another major win for the Durham-based business, which has cemented a reputation for delivering high-value, quality lighting systems for universities across the UK, including numerous projects for lighting solutions at both Edinburgh and Strathclyde campuses.

Artech Lighting director, Stuart Hylton, said: “We have worked incredibly hard with contractors and project designers to build a reputation for delivering exciting, bespoke lighting solutions across all sectors. It’s particularly exciting to work on these large-scale university projects.

“We are delighted to be involved in the UCLAN project which is part of a decade-long plan to completely redevelop the Preston Campus. Our lighting scheme and products will help the university reach its goal of becoming a truly unified, sustainable and welcoming campus, enhancing the experience for everyone visiting the University.”

This £200m+ project involves the construction of the £30m-plus Engineering Innovation Centre (EIC), which started in 2016, along with the construction of a new public space, provisionally known as Adelphi Square, drawing together the University and the City.

Artech Lighting is supplying both projects with thousands of light fittings and components, including the firm’s new FlowLine X product, Astroline and Tenus fittings.

It is envisioned that the project will also spark a major focus on regeneration and business investment in the University Quarter, with wider benefits for Preston and beyond.

Stuart added: “It’s so important that designers and architects think of UK manufacturers, tradesman and companies first when they are creating project specifications. It is down to us to help the UK economy recover and by thinking British and buying British, we all play our role in what we hope will be the fastest possible recovery from recession.

“Like most businesses Artech Lighting scaled back production during the lockdown, however construction projects didn’t close completely so we never actually stopped working altogether. As a result we were in a position to ramp up production where we left off once our clients returned to work.

“Being a true UK manufacturer, we were ready to supply products quickly to sites that were reopened and eager to make up for lost time. That is a major benefit of “buying British”, and something that contractors must consider when planning projects that may be impacted by potential lockdowns in the future.”

Artech Lighting is a Durham-based manufacturer that applies sophisticated design, manufacturing excellence and rapid assembly to provide an outstanding architectural and technical product range.

A true UK lighting manufacturer, Artech is a UK company with core values of architectural integration, innovative technology, energy efficiency and sustainability.